Q: What services does your company provide?

A:  D-Trac Construction Inc. is a full-service general contracting firm that specializes in both residential and commercial renovations. Our services include but are not limited to bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, basement renovations/development, decks, interior commercial office renovations and improvements.

Q: What does the estimating process of a project entail?

A: D-Trac Construction Inc. takes pride and provides great attention to detail when estimating a project. Our process includes a site visit where we meet with our Client to discuss their vision and needs. On larger projects, we may conduct a second site visit with our sub-trades to ensure our estimate is provided in full accuracy.

Q: What can I do to better prepare for my meeting with a D-Trac representative:

A: A detailed list of items you’d like completed within your renovation will be helpful. If your project consists of a bathroom or kitchen renovation for example, you’ll be asked to provide a list of selections made for items such as cabinetry, tile, plumbing fixtures and flooring. D-Trac Construction Inc. can provide you with a list of suppliers where you can view products and make selections. A list of such selections prior to obtaining estimates for your project, will provide a vision of style, narrow the budget and allow a competitive bidding process. Without a selections list, contractor proposals submitted to you can vastly range by thousands of dollars and will not provide you with the opportunity to make an informed decision on which bid to proceed with.

D-Trac Construction Inc. provides interior design services at competitive, hourly rates to assist you with space planning, material and colour selections.

Q: I received several quotes for my project and all of them vary in pricing, why?

A: This question is a common one and can depend on a few factors. Were you able to provide each contractor with a detailed list of the selections you made for flooring, cabinetry, fixtures, etc.? A selection list will provide each contractor the opportunity to quote competitively. Did you choose a one-man company or a small to mid-sized company to quote on your project? Pending the size of a contracting company, operating costs vary which is reflected in each contractor’s estimate. Also, it’s important to verify that each company has the necessary licenses, bonds, insurance and WCB coverages to operate within the industry. It is costly to operate a legitimate business and premiums must be incorporated into a contractor’s operating costs. When interviewing contractors, be sure to ask these questions. In doing so, it will assist you in determining which contractor is the correct fit for your project.

Q: How long has D-Trac Construction been in business?

A: D-Trac Construction Inc. has been serving the Edmonton and surrounding communities since 2008.

Q: Does D-Trac Construction have WCB coverage?

A: D-Trac Construction Inc. is a registered company with WCB and holds current coverage. D-Trac Construction Inc.
provides a WCB clearance check to Clients prior to starting a project.

Q: Does D-Trac Construction have liability insurance?

A: Yes. D-Trac Construction Inc. holds two million dollar liability insurance for each occurrence and five million dollar aggregate products and completed operations. D-Trac Construction Inc. also holds current commercial auto insurance with one million dollar liability coverage. D-Trac Construction Inc. provides a certificate of insurance to Clients prior to starting a project.

Q: Does D-Trac Construction have a provincial license as a prepaid contractor?

A: Yes. D-Trac Construction Inc. has met the criteria including bonding requirements and holds designation as a prepaid contractor with Service Alberta.

Q: Do you have a municipal business license?

A: Yes. D-Trac Construction Inc. has valid business licenses for all municipalities we work within i.e.: Edmonton, St. Albert, Spruce Grove, etc. This allows us to apply for permits on behalf of Clients. Having a licence shows our customers that we’re are a legitimate business that complies with local laws and regulations.

Q: Is there a written contract between you and your Clients?

A: Yes. Our contract is detailed with the following information:
• Description of the work to be completed, including drawings and a line itemed scope.
• Timelines.
• A statement for changes in work.
• A statement of any work that is to be subcontracted (i.e., plumbing, electrical, flooring).
• A statement that identifies who is responsible for getting all necessary permits.
• A payment schedule.
• A statement of all warranties explaining what is covered, for how long and what will be done if there are problems.
• Certificate of Insurance showing our liability insurance.
• Workers Compensation Board clearance letter and number.
• A statement outlining cancellation rights.
• A statement regarding dispute resolution.
• Signatures of all parties involved.

Q: Do you subcontract all of your work?

A: D-Trac Construction Inc. has in-house ticketed tradesmen and women such as Journeyman Carpenters that are skilled to handle a vast array of duties. At times and on larger projects, we do work as a team with our sub-trades, whom we’ve known and have done business with for several years. All trades will be supervised throughout a project and are required to be ticketed such as our master electricians and plumbers. At no time are they permitted to complete a duty outside of their expertise. In order to be a part of our D-Trac team, sub-trades are required to carry current WCB and insurance coverage.

Q: Can I visit one of your project sites?

A: Due to privacy and liability concerns, we do not permit site visits to potential Clients. We will however provide an extensive reference list of pervious Clients we’ve done business with.

Q: What kind of warranty do you provide?

A: D-Trac Construction Inc. provides a one year warranty on labour. Product warranty depends upon manufacturer’s warranty. In the event that a Client wants to provide their own labour, materials or both for a specific item, D-Trac Construction Inc. will not provide warranty on those items. All warranty is void in the event a Client or third party hired by the Client manipulates the work completed and materials installed by D-Trac Construction Inc.

Q: Should I advise my insurance agent that my home is undergoing a renovation?

A: Yes. It is important to ensure you have correct coverages in place.